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All of our work exploded and disappeared, much like many of you. We're doing our best to stay afloat and keep making as many laughs and goofs as we can, be it online or through podcasting or weird new things we're trying out.

If you fancy supporting us on Patreon or Ko-Fi, we would hugely appreciate it. We of course also totally understand that this time sucks, and it's really hard for everyone. No problems, no pressure, no worries if you can't. We will still love you and keep trying to do what we do.

If you would like to and are able to support us, you can sign up on Patreon or buy us a coffee on Ko-Fi.

All subscribers and donators get bonus treats!

If times are rough or money is tight and you would also like bonus treats, please email us at and we will sort it.

Big love.

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Here is a big list of everyone who donated to our kickstarters, and thereby these are the people who make it possible for us to make albums.



Deborah Bucella

Swonny & The Baptists

Ksenia M.

Joe Lambert

Sarah Frayne

Steve Culverhouse


Austin Yiull

Anna Soderblom

Daniel Benoliel

Kathryn Mullan

Eron Wyngarde

Zoe Wiliams

Elizabeth Colyer

Gareth Edwards

Pippa Evans

Ceri Anson

Sarah Bernardes

Sidge Rushton

Zane Lamprey

Kate Drake

Georgina Hirsch

Matilde Bernabei

Matthew Payne

Tiernan Douieb

Hel Gibbons

LJ Evans

Martin Day

Rose Claridge

Victoria Elliot

Pip Tudor

Guest 1098837274

Helen Shute

Trent Burton

Pei Yen

Ruth Alecock

Arfie Mansfield

Jeremy Spafford

Kate Phimister

Helen Elliot

Andy Taylor

Johnny Norriss

Adrian Ogden

Greg Ahrens

Emily Caseley

Neil Johnson

Alice Hamilton

Rosie Johnson

David Williams

Rohan Chadwick

Alex Scott

Karen Boyd

Laura Wilson (Laura & Martyn)

Daniel J Spehr

Islay Steele

Steve Smallwood

Linda Rogers

Ben MacInnes

Michelle Cherry

Sally Bennett

Stewart Pringle

Louise Wilkin

Colin MacNee

Tegwen Brickley

Isabelle Adam

Dulseigh Pomerance-Trifts

Susie Wixey

Al Napp

Fiona Green

Ryan Wood

Benedict Lombe

Alison Dudgeon

Andrew Smith

Brodie Cyster-White

Anna McEvoy

John Keogh

Richard Davies

Jake-Martin Thomas 

Jacob Johannsen

Saul Nathan-Kazis

Dan Cameron

Megan Holtmeyer-Cole

Alec S. Parker

Ben Quant

Hannah Skelton

Louis Blair

Kerrianne Orriss

Mark Thursfield

Owen Jones

Shereen Lee

Antony Brown

Darren Burgoyne

James Eaton

Heather Newton & David Newsome

Jonathan Tisdall

Mike Bartlett

Heather Doole

Alana Hunter

Hannah Sawyer

Andrew Logan

Jenni Kampf (Jenni, Marijn, Nico and Grace)

Deborah Klayman

Russell Hayes

David Richards

Jayne Hopkins

Andrew Leeke

Kayleigh Lucas

Janet Hoffman

Claire Baker

Richard Cooper

Hannah Clarke

Charlotte Brough

Pete Kirwan

Jim Cordwell

Alfred Williams

Tanya Spencer

Lynda Ross

Tim Osborne

Simon Reap

Sarah Brush

Michael Bolitho

Katy Ollerenshaw

Paul Holmes

Annabel Graham

Samuel Kinns

Vicky Ward

Bez Ely

Art Spicer

Louisa Newby

Neil McWilliam (Neil & Lauren)

Mike Sheldon

Dave Nattriss

Allen Welsh

Heather Tisdale (Heather & Thomas)

Misha Anker

Jamie Connolly

Steve & Helen Gilbert

Ryszard Boryna

Paul Perry

Katy Woolliscroft

Simon Norman

Tom Lloyd

Hannah Bailey

Harald Van Dijk

Nick Johnston

Kirsty Newton

Paul Duff

Charlie Evans

Holly Moseley

Lawrence Staden

Laurie Havelock

Anna Tolputt

Gavin Hart

Phil Alderton (Kern)

Kai Andrews

Harriet Holman

Peter Russell

Andy Rutland

Rhi Graham

Katya Morris

Joy Kelly

Maddi Sainsbury

Kathryn Cartwright

Jamie Bedford

Roger Spackman

Daisy Hall

Richard Ash

Liam Welton

Andrew Wood

Laura Grimshaw

Alexandra Kunz

Kaff Harding

Kathryn Maslin

Jamie Firth

Jen Brister

Barry Shapiro

Gwilym R Stone

Keith Adsley

Kieran Betts

Danny Amey

Arthur Blair

Hattie Ajderian

Jess Gervers

Emily Gervers

Sam Rimmer & Rob Rimmer

Nicholas Keane

Dawn Marshall-Fannon & Richard Fannon

Sofie Mason

Thomas Kenyon & Annette Kenyon

Zachary Cooke

Heather Cooke

David Atkins & Ros Atkins

Sarah Edwards

Travis C. Young

Susan Olney

Jonathan Dunn

Dan Morgan

Robert Wells






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