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Our new project - TROWBRIDGE.

We are going to write and record a bespoke song about Trowbridge and its people, that tries to encapsulate the spirit of this slightly forgotten town. Perhaps even an album of songs.

We know what it is to come from a small, unloved town. We both originate from places that tend to appear on ‘crap towns’ lists. But we’re not from Trowbridge itself, so to make this project work we’re undertaking a vast amount of research. We’re talking to people who love their hometown. We’re talking to people who hate it. We’re talking to people in their teens and people in their eighties. We’ve met a Conservative councillor. We’ve met a drag artist. We’ve shut up for once, and listened to others. 

What makes a place what it is? What is a hometown? Why do so many of us feel a need to run away? Why do so many of us later feel the pull to return?

This is our blog! Keep an eye, and enjoy.

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