Watch the little video, then listen to the show!

Start from whichever episode you fancy. We recommend starting from episode one (Making Paddy Happy - Day One) to fully understand what's going on, but honestly it's just (hopefully) a little ray of light in your day wherever you pick it up.

We really hope you enjoy it.


During the lockdown, we have started doing a new podcast called 'Jonny & The Baptists: Making Paddy Happy'.

Five times a week on Monday-Friday (until the end of the lockdown) we are making a fifteen minute podcast called JONNY & THE BAPTISTS: MAKING PADDY HAPPY. It's just a lovely little chat between us two pals and colleagues, with the odd guest and few songs thrown in. The reason we're doing it is because Paddy (like a lot of people) is finding this lockdown pretty depressing and anxiety-inducing and we thought we'd start doing something nice every day to make him a little happier.

You might have noticed a lot of content created during this weird time has been people saying how they are using the time to learn a new language or bake brilliant gateaux or become superheroes. We haven't done those things. This show is much more about finding the OK in not being OK. It's is a nice, joyful little show to help you feel better, and help you through the lockdown on the good days and (especially) on the bad days too.

You can listen to us anytime on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean or any podcast app really. We're not one-hundred percent sure how it all works but we're doing our best. There's even bonus episodes once a week available to our lovely Ko-Fi and Patreon donators!