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Hello chums, our podcast is called 'Jonny & The Baptists: Making Paddy Happy’.

New episodes every Monday in April // May // June! 

It’s mostly just a lovely, joyful and funny weekly chat between us two pals, talking about our mental health and our friendship. We started it around the beginning of the first UK lockdown as Paddy was openly struggling with his mental health, and Jonny was in the same boat but less willing to admit it.  Then Paddy had a breakdown and Jonny got long covid and we just sort of took it from there. At first it was a daily chat to give us some focus, something fun to do, and a chance to be kind to ourselves and each other. Now it is, well, a real show! 

Now that the pandemic is DEFINITELY OVER (citation desperately needed), two episodes come out a week, on MONDAYS. The first is (and always will be) totally free. The second episode is available via for anyone who is able to or would like to chuck in a small donation each month towards us being able to keep going. No pressure though.

If you’ve not heard any episodes before, we recommend you start at the beginning of series two (once the first lockdown is over), or if you really want to go for it - dive right in at the start!

You can listen to us anytime on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean or any podcast app really. We're not one-hundred percent sure how it all works but we're doing our best.

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