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All of our work exploded and disappeared, much like many of you. We're doing our best to stay afloat and keep making as many laughs and goofs as we can, be it online or through podcasting or weird new things we're trying out.

If you fancy supporting us on Patreon or Ko-Fi, we would hugely appreciate it. We of course also totally understand that this time sucks, and it's really hard for everyone. No problems, no pressure, no worries if you can't. We will still love you and keep trying to do what we do.

If you would like to and are able to support us, you can sign up on Patreon or buy us a coffee on Ko-Fi.

All subscribers and donators get bonus treats!

If times are rough or money is tight and you would also like bonus treats, please email us at and we will sort it.

Big love.

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